EN: This article is not a usual one, it has nothing to do with the articles I usually write, I write it with sadness but yet dearly and wholeheartedly. Today I want to talk to you about the animals who are tormented in shelters on cold weather. Through Facebook I

October Pink

EN: October is breast cancer prevention month or nicer said, pink month. People are accustomed to give priority to less important things, neglecting what is most important: health. They say breast cancer appears from unknown reasons, but discovered in its early stages, the chances of cure are much higher. The

20 Things About me

EN: Today I woke up with a great mood to write. I didn’t have a fixed idea, but I noticed that numbers of views, of subscribers and followers is rising, so I will make a list of 20 things about me and share with you. I’m ready! I have 23