My hair routine #part2

EN: Hello dears! Because my last article was about my haircare routine,today I wanted to show you my other hair care products. So I’ll start with my favorite, the hair straightener from Remington Shine Therapy with argan oil. The difference between this and others straightners is that the hair remains

My Hair Routine #part1

EN: If you read and remember, in one of my articles I said that products which deserves more investment are those about hair care. The hair needs special attention, especially if it went through major changes. My hair were brown before, to reach the current shade of blond it was

October Pink

EN: October is breast cancer prevention month or nicer said, pink month. People are accustomed to give priority to less important things, neglecting what is most important: health. They say breast cancer appears from unknown reasons, but discovered in its early stages, the chances of cure are much higher. The