Un accesoriu des intalnit in magazine toamna aceasta,bereta frantuzeasca.Da,pe toate ne duce cu gandul catre frumosul Paris,catre tinute sofisticate si totodata inocente.Pot spune ca este o perioada nebuna,asa cum a fost cu piesele din catifea,blugii mom fit sau adidasii Superstar. Credeam cumva ca bereta nu este usor de inclus intr-o

FUSTA PLISATA #myfavorite

Ca tot spuneam zilele trecute ca pe wish list-ul meu se afla fusta plisata, iat-o aici in combinatia pe care o doream. Incaltaminte sport si un tricou alb, simplu, caruia nu m-am putut abtine si i-am facut un nod (am fost hoata si l-am prins cu un elastic de par)


EN: ♥ Feel free to say “no” when you don’t want to do something; ♥ Trust yourself, accept that nobody is perfect and it is normal to have defects; ♥ Don’t let others say what defines you ; (“You are so small that I can eat seeds on your head.”

A PAGE OF MY DIARY #partthree

EN: Posts “a page of my diary” became my favorite and they are the kind of postings that I take a break from to share my opinions about some products or to show you what sleeves to have on a blouse in 2017. It is the kind of posting where